Compare Ethics

Impact : Makes products more ethical

Founded : 2019

HQ : London

Communicate product impact claims with confidence

Big Picture

It is increasingly important for large retailers to reliably verify product impact claims made by suppliers so they can so they can communicate product credentials (e.g. Vegan, Green, Fair Trade, Organic, Emission Reduction etc) to their customers with confidence. This protects reputation, increases product attractiveness and credibility and guards against the threat of fines for failure to make accurate product impact claims.

How It Works

An AI driven platform that automates the process of verifying product claims. The Rules Set details what information needs to be extracted for each area/type of certification and the Innovation Stack drives how these rules are applied to interpret data. The retailer can then confidently communicate product impact claims to customers, providing an audit trail showing the source of the data, including an ‘Impact Widget’ that automatically pulls verification data through from Compare Ethics. A/B tests have shown that the presence of the Impact Widget increases online sales.

Unfair Advantage

Compare Ethics have spent two years building and tuning their platform and have an application underway to patent their process for ranking impact data points/certification. They are perceived as thought leader in sector and have build 100+ strong community of Enterprise clients who regularly attend (monthly) webinar/presentation sessions. They are established as the leading product impact verification standard in the fashion sector and are also starting to be seen as such in other retail sectors.